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This class is for P4 to P6

In this class, Joseph will assess your child’s reading skills and place them at their appropriate reading proficiency level. Joseph will also teach them how to use RAZ-Plus (an awards-winning personalized reading APP with 50,000+ resources and lessons) so they can start practicing their reading together with Joseph. After the class, RAZ-Plus will continue to motivate your child to continue practicing reading so they can become fluent readers.

Joseph holds a Master of Education in Gifted Education, has 20 years of teaching experience and 8 years as Head of Science in Raffles Institution. He is an advocate for effective Teaching & Learning, sharing of best Teaching & Learning Practices, a strong believer in the integration of technology in education to drive instruction and hopes to provide continuous learning and professional development opportunities for teachers.

Joseph is currently the Product and Education Marketing Manager at MangoSTEEMS Pte Ltd and conducts webinars for schools on the navigation of LAZ portal to support effective remote teaching and learning.